•  I expect anybody I choose to give my time to, to be a perfect and respectful gentleman during our time together.

  • To make things as smooth and simple as possible, please fill out my contact form with ALL necessary information in your first contact with me, please understand I ask for these things in order to feel safe and discretion and privacy is of utmost importance to me. All info is deleted after screening. I never store any personal data.

  • I am always happy to answer reasonable questions and requests if not explicit in nature. Asking me anything explicit in an email will result in immediate blocking.

  • Please have the donation in an envelope for me at the beginning of our meet. This should be dealt with before anything, so I can enjoy my time with you confidently.

  • Good hygiene is very important to me, please prepare accordingly. As I have a great reputation for being healthy and clean I have not and will not perform unsafe practices. Just the suggestion of it will result in ending the date.

  • For extended dates like overnights and longer, please understand that I may need some personal time to respond to emails and recharge. I also require a reasonable 7 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep. :)

  • I love going out to dinner, exploring museums, shopping, etc. I am very discreet when in public for the sake of both of our privacies and kindly ask that if touching or any form of intimacy is an issue please let me know beforehand.

  • I trust that you will respect my boundaries, time and energy. Doing so will result in both of us enjoying our time together as much as possible. <3